The world today is facing a very drastic shortage of non-renewable energy which not just pollute the environment but also are very expensive and to tackle this humans are finding solutions which infact are polluting the environment.

Today, an increasing number of businesses and homeowners are installing our solar rooftop systems and joining the green journey. Rooftop Solar systems are gaining rapid popularity as these are a one-time investment offering incredible benefits.

Sunway Corporation as a company understands this issue and tries providing solution for this and we are among the most trusted solar panel dealers in Lucknow . We have been a leading name in Uttar Pradesh and have been working since 2015.

If you want to switch from conventional electric supply to something more eco-friendly, you should turn to solar panels by the best solar company in Lucknow . A rooftop solar power system, or rooftop PV system, is a photovoltaic (PV) system that has its electricity -generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure. Solar rooftop panels rely on photovoltaic cells within the panels to absorb the energy emitted by the sun and converts it into electricity.

We are dedicated to work for your experience with our products to be fulfilling and satisfactory.

We deal in 3 categories-

On grid solar rooftop system
Off grid solar rooftop system
Hybrid solar rooftop system

Our solar power plant consulting division in consortium with international companies provides consulting services in setting up MW level grid connected solar photovoltaic power plants.


By investing in off-grid PWM Based solar system, you can save extra solar energy in batteries during the time of power cuts, we provide off grid DC system, which consists of solar panels, batteries and charge controller. Our off-grid MPPT based solar systems is highly efficient for areas with frequent power cuts or for areas where grid power is unavailable or negligible, as it stores extra solar energy in batteries.

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It works along with the grid, so in case of any excess or deficiency of power it can be fed to the grid through net metering. Many families are opting for an On-grid solar system as they get a chance to enjoy credit for the excess products and spend less on their electricity bills, as they have no batteries. Even in areas with frequent power cuts, you will always have power either from solar system or from the grid.


Solar hybrid system is a system which produces renewable energy using solar photovoltaic(PV) panels to generate clean energy to power your home. It intelligently switches between using solar power, battery storage and grid power. By routing energy generated through a hybrid inverter and into your own battery before kicking back the access to the grid, you can feel good about it being affordable and eco friendly.

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Want more savings from solar systems? Opt for battery-less solar system! Solar panel price in Lucknow is the most affordable when you connect with our brand. This way you can maximize your solar system savings that too at minimum cost. This system consists of a grid-tie inverter and solar panels.

You already have a normal backup system but want to switch to solar panels ? No worries, just get a luminous upgrade kit and you can convert it into a solar power system!

We deal in most efficient quality of Lucknow for the best solar system for homes . We provide the solar panel systems for your home to reduce the extra cost of electricity. Our services includes the installation of the panels. We offer the solar panel installation in Lucknow without any hassle. With 500 plus retail clients, we have already installed 300KW plus solar panels across the city and nearby areas.


Most trusted solar panel dealers in Lucknow
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By using the solar panel systems you can say goodbye to issues of frequent power cuts and high electricity bills and give your contribution in making the world a bit more eco-friendly!

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