As you know technology is booming at a faster rate and business, schools and all organisations need to change their working model constantly to compete with their competition.

That’s why we are excited to announce you that Sunway has brought to you his latest innovation Smart solution interactive board/interactive panel that will help you to make good and quicker strategies which will boost your organisation’s productivity at 10 x speed.

This will replace your traditional white board and old presentation tool with its ultra -HD display and seamless body that gives your presentation a glossy look.

Smart solution is here to revolutionize your workplace by offering a seamless and interactive experience that will take your presentation and meeting at a new level with its sleek design and its advance features.

Smart solution board is best for your child’s development and makes his learning easier and friendlier. Your child will easily get familiar with its interactive interface and its smarts feature tools that will brainstorm his creative and advance his skills and make your child one step ahead from ordinary children.

So, what makes Smart solution apart from other smart boards in the market ?

This is that one big question that arises in every user’s mind.

Let's dig into its remarkable features and find out how it can revolutionize your organisation.

Ultra –HD Display with glossy touchscreen interface

Sunway has boasted a state of art in its touchscreen interface that is incredibly easy to use. With a simple touch you are enabled to write, draw, erase and navigate through your content effortlessly. This will only happen by its Intuitive Touchscreen technology that is developed by finest technical experts.

Seamless Connectivity

Smart solution is designed to easily integrate with any devices whether you are using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can connect wirelessly and effortlessly to share your presentation and content. This will make your presentation even more smoother. So now it's time to say good bye to those old time consuming setups.

Versatile display options

It offers flexible display option, allowing you to present your content in most effective way. Here you can choose split screen display side by side option with full screen.

Smart Al integration

As AI has arrived, smart solution has also introduced it’s AI version that will solve all your problems which can be control by our voice command. It can easily recognize your facial expressions as well.

Remote Collaboration

In today's interconnecting world it is important to increase your connectivity. Smart solution will help you in this with its remote collaboration facilities to connect with your team anywhere and everywhere to proceed with your conference and you can screen share effectively.

Not just offices but we all know education is the core of a society and society is run by educated people.

And in this digital era our children should also need to know about latest technology and know how to use them which give them advantage to conquer the world. For that it is crucial that our schools and institutions use advance tools that are needed to embrace in brainstorming creativity of our future generation and advance their skillset.

To empower students and educators Sunway smart solution will be a revolutionary technology that will transform the way we teach and learn.

And now smart classrooms have taken over the sector to prevent learning loss in schools worldwide.

But what is a smart classroom ?

A smart classroom is an EdTech-upgraded classroom that enhances the teaching and learning process for both the teachers and the students by inculcating audio, video, animations, images, multimedia etc. This increases the engagement factor and leads to better-performing students.

Smart solution is not just an interactive whiteboard.

It is a comprehensive smart classroom solution designed for schools and institutions. With its innovative feature and user friendly interface, it takes education to new heights and makes student and educator creative.

One of the standout features of smart solution board is it’s interactive touch screen .

Now, its time to say goodbye to those old and traditional chalkboard and passive learning techniques.

With smart solution student will actively participate in learning and make education more immersive and dynamic. Whether it’s solving mathematics problem to learning about history it will help in all of that.

It enables students to work together on project and share ideas and solve real time problems. With its multiuser function multiple students can interact with board simultaneously, which will help to promote teamwork and fostering critical thinking skills. Smart solution will also promote sense of community and collaboration.

Not just the students but teachers will also get the benefit greatly from the smart board . With its seamless interaction and educational software and resources teacher will easily prepare lesson planning effortlessly.

Teachers can also access wealth of content from digital textbook to educational apps and multimedia resources to create engaging lessons.

Smart solution will revolutionize the education with its smart features and advance technology as it is designed to solve all your problems and give your organisation a complete new look!

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