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What is CCTV?

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In today's era protecting your assets and your family has become a major concern. It is undeniable fact that today people feel safer and protected when their space or area is equipped with CCTV camera.

Security is something we all have to consider in regards of our home or business. At your living place one of the most important thing you all want is how to keep your family safe and protected.

You also want to live stress free life after knowing that your asset is well protected.

To ensure your business and your family protection Sunway Corporation has brought its CCTV service that will protect your institution home and business premises 24/7 at affordable price.

Unlike your security guards this does not take any day off and keeps you safe always.

CCTV camera provides outstanding security to all your asset, family and premises. It is one the greatest invention of the modern age.

In developed countries almost every public place is equipped with one CCTV. Whether it is public place, working space or even a shopping area a CCTV camera is always around.

Sunway’s CCTV service protects your school, home and business in every possible way.

service cctv

CCTV at schools/colleges

The presence of CCTV camera units on schools and colleges help school authority to monitor each and every activity of everyone from student to teacher to worker can monitor any incidents of ragging, bullying, molestation or harassment that happens in school premises. It helps you to protect your students from any such incidents and simplifies the work of tracking down the accused or the culprit behind the incident.

CCTV camera ensures the safety of children especially the girls who majorly have to face molestation and harassment which severely affects their mental peace and disturbs their future.

It also helps school authorities to rescue any child or group that has been trapped in any kind of dangerous situation or circumstances.

The benefits of CCTV system at home

You and your family feel safe and secured when CCTV cameras are around. Because it gives a sense of security and provides peace to mind, after all personal safety is most important.

CCTV protects and prevents your home from theft, stalking and any criminal offence when your house is fully equipped with them. It makes you feel secured and allows you to sleep peacefully without taking any stress even of your biggest asset.

CCTV systems are important for home and there are further many benefits of having CCTV system at your living place.

service cctv

1. Giving you peace of mind- By making your home fully equipped with CCTV camera we strive hard to make you stress free and assure you that all your assets are secure and now you don't have to take any stress of security.

2. Protect your home from thieves and intruders- When we are not at home the one thing which haunt us always is that our home is safe from thieves or not. But after installing the CCTV you can go anywhere anytime without taking stress of your home and home appliances’ safety from thief and intruders who tend to seek into houses and steal your useful things.

3. Providing evidence in the event of crime- If any crime or illegal activities happen unfortunately then at that time CCTV are the most important thing that helps to collect the evidence of event that happen and how it happened. It helps to resolve the problem easily and help police to catch the accused on early basis.

service cctv

Benefits of Using CCTV system for your business-

Let us go through some of the top benefits that Sunway CCTV safety system can bring to your business and why it is great thing to be installed at your business premises.

1. Crime determent

It says that having CCTV camera installed at your premises will act as a watch dog to criminals or anyone who try to carry out illegal activities.

2. Monitors activities

CCTV systems are able to keep track of what is happening in your premises wherever they are installed by monitoring the activity of workers and visitors at your business site and by helping to make your workplace peaceful.

3. Collect evidence

Unfortunately if any event of crime occurs at your premises then having a CCTV system is of real help for you to collect evidence to know what exactly happened.

Crime can be solved more easily with the help of a CCTV camera

4. Decision making

When it comes to settling disputes then security camera can be incredibly important. This helps in both domestic and commercial scenario.

Whether its dealing with family or employee or even misunderstanding between staff and customers.

5. Keep records

It is a good idea to keep record of when your staff are coming and checking out, as well as when deliveries are made or visitors enter so you can ensure everything running smoothly.

There are many further reasons why CCTV really is an advantageous installation for any business premises, so why not consider getting camera installed at your company site and give yourself and your staff total peace of mind in safety.

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