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Safety has become a very common concern in today's world. Burglary, theft, robbery have become common in rural as well as Urban areas.  While many offices and residential buildings opt for a watchman to keep an eye, it is not possible for everyone to do so.  But this doesn't mean that you have to face the risk, Sunway Corporation has the perfect solution for you .

We introduce the 'Door Alarm system ' for your home and workplace.  Door alarm is  a special type of device which is designed to detect intrusion into a premises. Door alarms when triggered, produce a very loud sound which help in stopping the intrusion in time. 

These alarms sometimes also include an inbuilt camera and two way voice for interaction. These alarms have many benefits , these devices come at an affordable price and are easy to install with little to no maintenance required. 

The door alarms come in 3 types which are: wired, wireless and hybrid systems.  Door alarms can help you keep an eye at your surroundings and prevent any type of property damage.

These alarms can also be connected through mobile phones and when triggered it can send information directly to your phone. Door alarms are extremely useful when installed for domestic or even for commercial use. They are easy to install and do not take up so much space. Door alarms have gained immense demand in recent years and have proven to be a great way of protecting your home without spending too much. 

Sunway Corporation is dedicated to providing quality services at affordable prices, along with easier and quick installations, great maintenance services and 100% customer satisfaction since the last 7 years in Lucknow and most of Uttar Pradesh.  

Sunway deals in  products such as security systems, interactive boards, solar panel systems, and intercoms with a great variety to offer according to your needs. We are dedicated to presenting Customizable as well as basic solutions as per our customers requirements. 

Sunway has been a huge name in the city of Lucknow for it's services and has  served 500+ retail clients and 25+ corporate clients, made 3000+ installations with 2500+ CCTV cameras and 300+KW solar panel being installed.  Join us in the journey of being safer, healthier and eco friendly in order to make our surroundings better!