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With heavy workload and long tiring hours, it is essential to stay connected with coworkers and those serving the company. This requires a smarter way for communication and flexible device control. Sunway Corporation brings just what you need here in the form of "Intercoms".
Intercoms are great help when round the clock communication is required for work from home, in office connectivity, between meetings, etc. In today's era when there is competition on its peak in the  market, a quicker, secured and easier way is required to conduct communication in a more collaborative way , Sunway brings intercom services to help you communicate, collaborate and message in-office and even around the world with inbuilt options like video calling , email integration and many more. 
So what is an Intercom?  An intercom or intercommunication device is a stand alone voice communications system for use within a building, small collection of buildings or portably within a small coverage area, which functions independently of the public telephone network.
These are used by companies, airplanes,and even at times by residential apartments to ensure the quick connectivity and easier access to information in real time. 
Intercoms are detachable, portable and even permanent. 
Traditionally the intercoms were permanent and were used to address the concerned through voice. But with a boost of new technologies, new intercom systems with new features and interfacing options are available through digital connections. Voice and video signals also can be carried out. 
Intercoms are not just used for intercommunication between two individuals (or groups)  but can also be used for doorstep identification and enquiry of visitors. Many companies, educational institutions and even homes use this technology on their doorstep to identify and communicate with visitors with actually having to invite them in. 
The traditional intercom system must be connected through wires which is not just difficult but also is hard to move if required. To overcome this issue, wireless intercom system was introduced. Wireless intercoms as the name suggests, has no need of connection through wires and are quick and a lot easier to install and can be moved if required.
With such varieties, intercoms have become an absolute essential in today's workforce. They make the flow of communication easier and smooth and are affordable too.