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Hey readers!

In today's world, everyone wants  to be able to feel secure and have  access to basic necessities.

  But the question that comes to mind everytime we think of the source from where we can acquire these from is, if the brand is trustworthy? 

But when turning to Sunway corporation, there is no need for such concerns! 

We make sure to take care of all your problems ranging from domestic to commercial to industrial! 

We as a company are dedicated to providing services which are not just professional but also have a touch of care. We provide basic solutions along with customised solutions and also take care of our sales and service of all our products. 


Our vision is to create such security services that make you feel comfortable and safer with the help of our top quality CCTV cameras, alarms, intrusion alarm, door sensor, and many more monitoring devices. We are known for our CCTV installation for homes and offices and work endlessly for you to enjoy our uninterrupted services.


While the world is facing a drastic shortage in non -renewable energy resources, renewable energy is the immediate need for development in today's time. We understand this problem and provide our customers with alternatives of expensive non-renewable energy sources,' The Solar Rooftops '. These Solar Rooftops are consulting divisions in consortium with international companies that provide consulting services in setting up MW level grid connected solar photovoltaic power plants. These help in making the society more eco-friendly  and are less expensive than using the commonly used options.

If you are fed up with frequent power cuts and high electricity bills, you should definitely consider services to enjoy electricity and not the stress. 

To make the workplace and education fun and informative, we deal in interactive boards. These boards help in providing information easy, fun, interactive and boosting productivity. We deal in a variety of these according to your needs. 


Workplace connectivity is as important as productivity, and for making the communication flow smooth we present Telecom services. This system provides centralised control, internal communication, automation, call waiting, consultation, executive intercom, group intercom and many more.

With such a variety of products, we are not just concerned about products but also about the environment and the health of our customers. 


With our ultimate vision to create security systems, solar rooftop systems and other services as basic necessities to ensure a healthier, safer, developing and eco-friendly society, Sunway is always ready to take necessary steps for our customers' satisfaction and join hands with them to create a society which is healthy, safe and eco friendly!